Soda Fans Organize to Contact Coca-Cola!

Who:  TaB Soda and Northern Neck Ginger Ale Fans

When:  Monday 11/7-Friday 11/11 (8AM-5PM Eastern)

What:  Contact Coca-Cola and ask them to bring back your favorite soda (TaB and/or Northern Neck Ginger Ale)

How:  Every day, Monday through Friday (11/7-11/11), please make a call to Coca-Cola (800.GET.COKE)  and/or e-mail them using their contact us form (Contact Us Form | The Coca-Cola Company) and let them know you would like to see your favorite soda back on store shelves.   If you are willing, make multiple calls and send multiple e-mails to let them know you really want it back.  At the end of each day, submit this form telling us how many calls you made and e-mails you sent.  

Which group will make the most contacts?  TaB fans?  Northern Neck Ginger Ale fans?   Or will it be a tie?  Which fanbase is the most invested in seeing their soda back on store shelves?  We’ll see!  Regardless of who has the most contacts, we must keep letting Coca-Cola know that there is demand for these discontinued products to stand a chance of getting them back.

Additional Info: If you’re not aware of Northern Neck Ginger Ale, and how fans of that soda are in a similar situation to TaB fans–here’s some information to catch you up to speed:

Coca-Cola’s Newest Leaders Must Hear from TaB Drinkers!

Coke leadership changes provide an opportunity for us, those who love TaB soda, to reach someone new who might be interested in revisiting the TaB cancellation. Let’s write some letters!!

Coke’s New Executives

Coca-Cola has announced the promotion of two company insiders to become leaders of key business units.  Mr. John Murphy will become President of the Coca-Cola Company.   Ms. Jennifer Mann will become President of Coca-Cola North America (the company’s largest operating unit).

Let’s write them some letters!

Both Coca-Cola veterans will report up through the chief executive officer, Mr. James Quincey.

Letter-Writing Campaign

We are undertaking a letter-writing campaign where we are asking all TaB drinkers to write letters to both new executives to provide a congratulations and a formal ask to bring TaB back.  We hope they will be willing to listen to us and work with the CEO and other executive leadership to bring TaB back.


We’ll start writing letters right away, and will continue through the middle of October.  Let’s continue to deliver letters to these new leaders to let them know we are not giving up on TaB.

Easy Templates

We’d prefer if each of you wrote a personal letter to these two executives….  But, we understand writing letters can be time-consuming.  So if you don’t have that kind of time, and still want to participate—we’ve made it super simple for you.   Just download our pre-written templates, print them out, fill in your personal details, and mail!  You can also add a handwritten note to the letter for a personal touch!   Or use ours as a template to write your own. Make sure to ask for a response back!

Let’s Send Lots of Letters

Feel free to send at least one to each executive from yourself and one from every other member of your household!

We’ll track the downloads of our template and let you know how many letters Mr. Murphy and Ms. Mann should expect to receive during the next several weeks.

Thanks in advance for your help and participation in this effort!

What We’ve Been Up To…

Hopefully you all got a chance to see the blog posts about the billboard campaign we ran in Atlanta during June and July.

In addition to getting the TaB billboards up and working on media coverage for them we wanted to let you know that that’s not the only thing we’ve been working on.

This blog post shares some of the many other efforts we’ve undertaken to save TaB, and we’d like to enlist your help with any possible sources, contacts, or other suggestions to help in our work. Please see our How You Can Help at the bottom.

Writing to Executives at Coca-Cola

  • We’ve been reaching out via letters and e-mails to many of the executives at Coca-Cola. From the CEO all the way to division leaders–if we’ve located contact information for them, we’ve attempted to reach them with ideas for how to bring the product back, as well as the stories of the TaB drinking community.
  • We’ve kept an eye out for new open job positions at Coca-Cola and have reached out to newly hired employees as well to let them know about the importance of TaB.
  • We’ve also reached out to some former Coca-Cola employees to try to gain insights into what it would take to convince Coca-Cola to bring TaB back.

Retail Partners

  • We’ve been reviewing the various retailers who offer Coca-Cola products for sale, and have been trying to identify those who would be the best ally to help up convince Coca-Cola to bring TaB back.
  • We’ve written to executives and key personnel at those organizations to explain our goal of getting TaB back in consumers’ hands. If Coca-Cola doesn’t want to listen to consumers, maybe they’ll listen to one of their retailer customers (that’s our hope, and we continue to pursue this).

The Bottlers

  • Not only have we been calling, e-mailing, and writing to specific Coca-Cola Bottlers (in hopes we’d find one who likes TaB), we’ve also written to Industry Trade Organizations to try to gain additional insight into the Coca-Cola System.
  • If we can find a Bottler and a Retailer who both believe TaB should make a comeback, we have a stronger case.

News Media

  • We’ve been contacting SO MANY news media resources, from television stations, radio stations, online websites, you name it.
  • We’re trying to reach writers, editors, content producers, bloggers–anyone who will talk to us. We know there’s a great story to be written about TaB and its loyal fans. And anything written about us to show we’re still out here, and we still want TaB–is beneficial to our cause.

Outside the Box Ideas…

  • Would Someone Else Make TaB?
    • We’ve reached out to Craft Soda Companies and other entities to see if we could find one interested in licensing the TaB formula to produce it in small batches for the Fan Community.
    • We’ve even asked if companies would be interested in creating a “TaB-Like” diet cola sweetened with Saccharin.
    • We continue our efforts in this area to see if we can find a good partner.
  • Could Coke’s Competitors Help Us?
    • What if Pepsi brought back Pepsi Light (with Saccharin?)
    • What if we found another competitor who brought back some product in the same category as TaB to lure customers over to them?
    • We continue to ask and see if we find interest.
  • Celebrities
    • TaB’s been in so many commercials and movies. We’ve reached out to all celebrities that we have found with any connection to TaB to see if they’d mention our cause on social media. We’ve even reached out to celebrities with no connnection to TaB to see what might happen.
    • Celebrities are harder to reach than most–we’ve used social media so far. If anyone knows how to get in touch with celebrities’ agents–let us know.
  • Hollywood Execs
    • We’ve contacted production companies, propmasters, casting directors, you name it. We’re trying to find a way to get TaB placed in upcoming TV Shows or movies to help the general public gain interest in the product.
  • Social Media Influencers
    • We’ve reached out to social media influencers (those are people with lots of followers!) in the food and beverage space to see if any of them have an interest in doing a post about TaB. The more people who learn about it, the better–we say.
  • 3D Beverage Printers and other new product companies
    • We’ve reached out to other companies in the beverage space. From those who claim they can “3D Print” any flavor, to those who produce syrups for at-home soda machines. We want to find a partner who would help bring that TaB flavor back to market.

How You Can Help!

There are two things you can do that would be very helpful right now.

1-Personal Connections

Now that we’ve shared the list of entities we are contacting, we’d like to know if you know someone in one of those categories that could help us. Do you have a contact? We’re finding that it’s very challenging to get anyone to even acknowledge or respond to us. Sometimes it takes a personal connection to help open a door. Maybe someone you know can be that personal connection. Please let us know!

Specifically, do you have a friend or relative with a contact who will talk with us or work with us at one of these companies (Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, etc.)

Or do you have contacts who work in news media?

Do you have kids or grandkids who follow influencers on social media? Ask them who they follow and if they have any suggestions on who we should reach out to–or maybe they’d reach out on our behalf?

2-Online Article Outreach

Whenever we see an article that’s relevant to TaB (like Taco Bell pizza coming back, or the Choco Taco being discontinued after 40 years, for example), we contact the author of that article, and YOU SHOULD TOO!  Tell them about all of the TaB drinkers who refuse to give up on their favorite soda! In addition to that, you should comment about in the article’s comment section. The more people who find out about us, the better.

When engaging–please always share our website ( as this points individuals to our Facebook group, our petition where we are collecting signatures, our fundraiser, and the Coca-Cola contact information. It’s the best place to point someone who is new to our cause. And feel free to tag us on social media when you are replying to posts. We’ll chime in too. We’re @SaveTaBSoda. Our preferred hashtag is #SaveTaBSoda

Please share any leads you might have by contacting us.

In our next post, we’ll be collecting additional ideas from the TaB community on our next big project.

That’s a Wrap on the Billboards

As we previously shared, our Billboards were live in Atlanta, and were up for a full month, coming down just recently, on Monday July 10th.

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who donated to make those a reality! We couldn’t have done it without your generous donations.

Now that the billboards are down, we wanted to share a little bit more information about how that event played out.

We launched the billboards on Monday, June 13th. At that time, we had one of our members go down to the two site locations and take photographs of them so we could promote them on social media and other channels.

On June 15th, we launched a national press release about the billboards to gain national coverage. In early July, we launched a second regional press release about the billboards to gain coverage in Georgia.

In addition to media coverage about the billboards (more on that below), we also know that Coca-Cola executives did read our press release–and we also sent them a letter with a formal request to speak with them about the billboards and our request to bring back TaB (we’re still awaiting a response.)

We learned a lot doing this event:

  • We learned how to raise funds from the TaB drinking community for a group project.
  • We learned how to engage in contracts with entities such as the outdoor advertising company and the press release firm.
  • We found out it’s a LOT of work coming up with the billboard designs, as well as working through the legal hurdles around what we were permitted to place on them (especially with a group of volunteers working on it who also have day jobs).
  • It’s expensive doing press releases, and we are still learning about the differences we get in coverage from paid media (press release) versus earned media (when a reporter just decides to write about us).

Media Coverage:

(this is as of July 14th)

287 news outlets did an EXACT Match placement of our press release (meaning they posted it word-for-word on their website).

Outlets included entities such as: Local stations (Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC), Newspapers, Online Media, etc. (see graphs below):

Release Views

To date, we’ve had over 3,000 direct views of the news release. This could be by general consumers or by members of the news media. These releases also help people find out about our efforts to save TaB when they are doing google searches online. The more articles and web publications that have an article (or press release) written about our efforts, the more likely it is to be picked up in search results–which points people directly to our website, the petition to sign, and the number at Coca-Cola to call.

Articles Written

In addition to the exact match placements, we have had at least two articles written about the billboards by journalists. It’s difficult for us to scour all of the internet to see where else we might show up, so if you find one, let us know!


Continued Coverage

While we’re really excited about all of the coverage we received so far–we’re still trying to reach additional journalists! Even though our billboards are no longer up, we believe there’s quite a story to tell about a group of soda drinkers who care so much for their favorite soda, they’d raise funds to erect billboards in an effort to bring it back!

If you have any media contacts or ideas of who we should be talking to, let us know!

Next Up

Please stay tuned for some updates on what else we’ve been working on behind the scenes this summer, as well as a call for suggestions on our next group activity. We may not have TaB back yet, but we’re in this for the long haul, and we’re only getting started…

-SaveTaBSoda Committee

Our Billboard(s) are LIVE in Atlanta!


  • Thank YOU to everyone who donated—We have two billboards live with five rotating images up for 30 days!
  • Help Us!  Let’s use this momentum to Contact Coca-Cola every single day the billboards are up.  Call (800.GET.COKE) or E-mail Them using their contact form.
  • We’re going to need to raise funds again.  And we’ll be announcing our next event soon.


First, and most important—THANK YOU to every single person who donated to our fundraiser to help us make the billboards a reality.  With the donations we received, we were able to acquire two digital locations in Atlanta (a larger one on Luckie St & Ivan Allen Jr BLVD Intersection—facing Coca-Cola Headquarters and near World of Coca-Cola, and a smaller one on Piedmont Road & Dan Lane—a busy intersection with lots of traffic).  These digital billboards will rotate in 10 second intervals on the signs for the next 30 days (6/13-7/12).

The Campaign

Our billboards contain five different ads from us.  The larger billboard is targeting Coca-Cola directly (because it faces Coca-Cola).  The message to Coca-Cola is very simple and to the point.  Paraphrased, it’s:  We want to buy TaB again. Sincerely, us. 

The logo-less can (we were not permitted to use the TaB logo) helps to evoke the “missing” aspect of TaB.  That bright, striped, recognizable can really shows up well on these lighted billboards and grabs the attention of passersby right away.

The smaller billboards are also targeting Coca-Cola, but secondly, they are intended to interest other consumers in our cause—and drive them to our website where we’re collecting signatures and raising funds for the next activity.  We’re using a testimonial style billboard to help others see that TaB isn’t just an ordinary soda.  It’s something people will go WAY out of their way to make a part of their lives.

We hope you enjoy the billboard designs—below.

Press Release

We’ve issued a national press release about the committee and the billboards, in hopes that we’ll see some stories picked up about our efforts.  

How can You help?

While these billboards are up, we need every single person who ever wanted TaB back to contact Coca-Cola and let them know how much it means to them.   Call every day (800.GET.COKE).

  • Tell them about the billboards. 
  • Tell them if you donated your own money to the billboard campaign (because you couldn’t buy TaB). 
  • Make sure to politely request that they bring TaB back into production.  

Our committee continues to contact the Coca-Cola Company to make formal requests for TaB, and we’ve reached out to them directly regarding the billboards–to see if they’ll speak with us.

Remember—every single voice helps, and we can’t make any progress without all of YOU letting Coca-Cola know you want TaB back.

Additionally, we hope to see more signatures on the petition during this time of heightened awareness of our efforts.  Please continue to share the petition around—and if you see any articles online with comment sections discussing TaB—make sure you drop the link to the petition out there and ask people to sign it!  (

Next Steps

The Committee spent the funds we raised for the billboard activity, so stay tuned for additional information soon about our upcoming efforts.   In the meantime, if you are willing to help us raise funds to help jumpstart our next activity, please visit our fundraising site.

Photos & Design Mockups of the billboard designs that rotate through them are below:

Help Us Build an Online Photo Archive

We are working on a new project starting in May, and we need your help.  We would like to build an online archive of photographs from TaB drinkers that shows how we’ve spent the past 59 years with TaB!  As we all know—TaB is more than just a beverage, to us.  Let’s show Coca-Cola (and other important stakeholders) how we made TaB a major part of our lives!

For those of you who have been following the SaveTaBSoda efforts for a while, you may remember last year when we collected stories and photographs from TaB drinkers to create a printed book that we sent to Coca-Cola stakeholders.  This new idea expands upon that—printed books were nice—but this new concept will allow us all to view the finished product!  And, as a bonus, it will be easier for all of us to share the completed archive around with important stakeholders when it’s in a digital form.

Please look through your own personal photos, and if you have one (or many) photos that you’d like to send us to be part of this archive, please upload them at the link below.

The only real “rules” are that you have to be the owner of the photograph and be willing to provide SaveTaBSoda permission to use the photo.  Anything TaB-related is fair game!

We hope this will be a fun final product that we can all enjoy—and will serve a dual purpose of helping to tell the story of TaB drinkers to others who are interested in helping our cause.  Plus—we’ll start sharing fun photos on our Instagram and Twitter account and more!

Some ideas for submissions:

  • You drinking TaB!
  • Family members drinking TaB!
  • TaB apparel
  • TaB collectibles and decor
  • TaB holiday items
  • TaB-themed food items (birthday cakes!)
  • TaB artwork or drawings
  • Anything else TaB-related you can think of!

Photos can be new; they can be old—we’d love a mixture of both!

IMPORTANT: This activity has ended. Uploads are no longer being accepted.

Let’s Spring Into Action

Thanks to everyone who participated in our “March Madness Cheering for TaB” event! We know you made many calls to Coca-Cola and sent many notes off to major retailers (like Albertson’s, Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Publix, and Hy-Vee).

In addition to your work, the SaveTaBSoda Committee also sent letters off to these major retailers from our nonprofit organization. And we heard back from a couple of them! Retailers place an emphasis on Customer Service, and if we can convince them to work with Coca-Cola to bring the product back, it might be a good angle for us to continue to pursue.

Action Items for this Spring

Those of us in the Committee will continue to work with the contacts we heard back from, but we need YOUR HELP too. We need you all to help show how important TaB is to you, to these retailers. Explain how you believe these companies would benefit from a TaB comeback (would you only shop there? Would you be a brand new customer? Would you tell all of your friends to shop there?) Let ’em know!

Please continue reaching out to these major retailers on behalf of TaB drinkers everywhere!

Send Online Form
(select other)
Amazon Members Call (888)280-4331Send Online FormSend Online Form
Send Online Form
(select other)
Send Online Form (select company feedback & questions)
Retailer Contact Forms

And Finally, don’t forget to ALSO contact Coca-Cola. They are the ultimate decision-maker here: Contact Them Here or call 800.GET.COKE.

We’re going to continue to promote this “Spring into Action” event during the month of April and we’ll have a fun social media activity coming up in May.

Together, let’s #SaveTaBSoda!

March Madness

It’s March, and one of the biggest events this month will be the NCAA Basketball Tournament known as “March Madness.”

While TaB doesn’t have a lot to do with Basketball–one thing we have in common with the sport is the need for cheerleaders. We need all of you to be “Cheerleaders for TaB!”

The SaveTaBSoda Committee is working behind the scenes contacting companies (like grocery stores, retailers, and the like) as well as the independent bottlers–trying to find even one who is interested in helping us #SaveTaBSoda. If consumers can’t convince Coca-Cola, we’re hoping we can convince another company to help convince them on our behalf.

While we’re doing this–we need you–our TaB Cheerleaders–to keep up the energy and excitement around the TaB brand. We need to ensure that Coca-Cola is constantly hearing from consumers about how much WE LOVE TAB.

During the month of March, there are numerous ways you can participate. And we hope you’ll help us with all of them!!

(plenty of details below the graphic)

There are so many ways to help us be Cheerleaders for TaB!

1- Contacting Corporate

  • Call Coca-Cola at 800.GET.COKE. Ask for TaB to be stocked in stores again.
  • E-Mail Coca-Cola (select “Product Availability” as the topic)

2- Contacting Retailers

Contact one of the top grocery store/retail companies in the U.S. and ask them to carry TaB in their stores or online. After all, if they make it available online–that’s a national presence!

StoreContact Method
ALBERTSONS COS. INC.Send an Online Form
AMAZONIf you have an Amazon Account:
Webchat with them. Just search “Chat” in Amazon to find the feature. Or call customer Service: 1 (888)280-4331


Send a Letter:
410 Terry Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

COSTCO WHOLESALE CORPORATIONProvide feedback about your nearest Warehouse
Send a Letter:
Costco Wholesale
P.O. Box 34331
Seattle, WA 98124
HY-VEEFill out an online form or live chat on the Contact Us Page
WALMART INC.Use the Contact Us form to do a product request for TaB
THE KROGER CO.Send a Letter:
The Kroger Co
Customer Relations
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100
PUBLIX SUPER MARKETS INC.1 (800) 242-1227 Press 6, then Press 8
If your store isn’t on the list–seek them out and let them know you want TaB back! Other stores you might want to reach out to: HEB, Wegmans, Food Lion, Save A Lot, IGA, Southeastern Grocers (Winn Dixie, Fresco, Harveys), Price Chopper, Shaws, Hanneford, Market Basket among others.

3- Flood Social Media with TaB

  • Make sure to tweet @CocaColaCo, @CocaCola, and use #SaveTaBSoda!
  • Tweet photos of TaB
  • Comment on Coca-Cola Twitter Posts
  • Reply to others with #SaveTaBSoda and link to our website
Twitter example of TaB tweets
Example of how you can engage with Coca-Cola on social media. Reply to their tweets with TaB love!! Not only does Coke see it, consumers do too!!

TaB Cheerleaders, all together now:

“Go TaB Go, Let’s Win!”

Committee Update

!Alert! Cheesy Post Ahead–but with an important message 🙂

We wanted to share just how dedicated we are to saving TaB Soda from the history books. The famous lyrics of Rick Astley say it best:

Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you


Now that we all have that song stuck in our heads, here’s a little information about what the SaveTaBSoda Committee has been up to.

While we’re fundraising for billboards in Atlanta, we are also working behind the scenes to see if we can convince other businesses that TaB is a product that has a lot of potential. The SaveTaBSoda Committee is writing letters to many different organizations to try to convince them that if they could sell TaB–it would be a benefit to their business! We need them to Contact Coca-Cola to help us bring it back.

Top Grocer/Retailers in the U.S

We’re reaching out to some of the largest grocery store chains in the United States as well as Amazon–to see if we can convince them to work with Coca-Cola to bring TaB back into production so they can sell it and increase their customer base (among other benefits). You can help us with this. Have you written or called your favorite retailer to ask them to carry TaB? Please write or call them today! Seek out online retailers as well (a simple google search) and if they have TaB listed on their website but it’s out of stock–contact them to ask them to get more TaB!

Coca-Cola Bottlers

We’re contacting the main independent Coca-Cola bottlers in the United States (with a special focus on those who previously recently produced TaB) to see if we can find one or more who are willing to work with Coca-Cola to make a case for bringing TaB back. Our hope is that at least one of them has an interest in selling TaB if Coca-Cola will provide them the syrup. Have you contacted your local Coca-Cola bottler to ask them if they will carry TaB once again?!? Please do!

We’re In This for the Long Haul

We don’t know how long our efforts will take to make a difference, but we’re all very dedicated to get TaB back. As you all are well aware, TaB drinkers are a resilient bunch, we’re loyal to the brand, and we don’t give in easy.

Please stick with us as we continue to work to convince Coca-Cola that a different business decision on TaB could be a win-win for consumers and Coca-Cola alike! This may take us some time! While the TaB stockpiles may be dwindling–that should energize all of us to keep trying in any way we can, to let Coca-Cola know how much we care about the brand and how many more of us there could be if they advertised it and sold it once more.

♫ We’re never gonna give TaB up! ♫

Please stay tuned for the next #SaveTaBSoda activity we’ll be working on in March!