February Event!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, February is our official “We Love TaB” month.

Last year at this time, we sent Valentines to Coca-Cola.  This February, we’re going to make a lot of noise by making phone calls and sending e-mails DAILY for a full week.


We’ll start this coming Monday (2/7) and continue through Valentine’s Day (2/14)!


Make Calls!

Please make at leat six (6) phone calls during this period–one for each day Coca-Cola corporate is open. Remember, every single call from a customer asking for TaB is documented and taken into consideration.


Send E-Mails

In addition to making phone calls, make sure to send Coca-Cola e-mail messages. They have a simple contact us form to send an e-mail requesting TaB (choose Product Availability as the topic).

Oh..and don’t forget. We are raising funds for billboards in Atlanta! Donate if you are able.

Another Radio Interview

We continue to gain attention from media organizations interested in the SaveTaBSoda efforts.

Listen to the latest radio interview on a radio station out of Anchorage, Alaska this morning. So many people are interested in what we are doing!

Let’s use this momentum to our advantage–call Coca-Cola and tell them you’ve been hearing about TaB in the news and you really want to have TaB back!


Have a listen to the stream here (click the grey arrow to the right of the glass of soda on the website):

KBEAR104.1: Alaska’s most listened to Country Music Station

More Media Coverage

On the heels of the article on CNN.com this weekend, one of the SaveTaBSoda founding members, Trish, was a guest on WABC talk radio out of New York City this morning.

The host, Frank Morano (also a TaB drinker), chats with her about the discontinuation of TaB, the work of the committee, and how to get his favorite soda back!

Have a listen to the stream here:

About WABC:

77 WABC radio is a 50,000-watt clear channel station licensed to New York, New York, serving the greater metropolitan area and streaming worldwide at http://www.WABCradio.com. The station’s on-air lineup includes some of the biggest names in media and politics, including Mark Levin, John Batchelor, Rudy Giuliani, Bill O’Reilly, Bernard McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg, Curtis Sliwa and Juliet Huddy, Brian Kilmeade, and Frank Morano. In addition, 77 WABC is the home of the Cats Roundtable with John Catsimatidis. WABC began broadcasting in 1921 and is one of the leading talk stations in America. WABC is owned by Red Apple Media, a subsidiary of Red Apple Group.

(Source: WABCRadio LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/77wabcradio/)

National Attention for the SaveTaBSoda Efforts!

We received some exciting news today…we’re in the news! 🙂

If you haven’t seen it, CNN Business writer Danielle Wiener-Bronner ran a story about our SaveTaBSoda efforts (link below). The article highlights the work we’ve been doing and are planning to do to convince Coca-Cola to bring TaB back into production.

Since publication, we’ve seen a lot of activity in our social media channels and on our petition from TaB fans out there who didn’t know we were working to convince Coca-Cola to bring it back. We’re out there, and there are a lot of us who are missing TaB.

While we have this national attention, we’d appreciate if all of you work to help us keep the buzz going. Tweet about it, share it on your social channels, and comment on the article itself. Send the article to Coca-Cola or anyone else who could benefit to see that we’re out here working to SaveTaBSoda.


Thank you, and have a great week. Stay tuned for information about our February activity very soon!

Happy 2022, TaB Friends!

We’re going to work hard to make 2022 the year of TaB’s comeback!   We took a couple of weeks off over the holidays to spend time with friends and family—but rest assured, we’ll be back with more activities and events to grab Coca-Cola’s attention very soon!

In the meantime, in December, we announced our current campaign to raise funds for electronic billboards in Atlanta.  If you haven’t had a chance yet, please take a look and donate if you are able—or share with those who might!

So far, we’ve raised nearly $700, so we are on our way!  But we’re going to need more funds if we want to make a real splash!  We want to do multiple billboards and raise funds for additional advertising/marketing efforts around the billboard event.

Consider making a donation to our cause. No matter how small, it will benefit our collective efforts to SaveTaBSoda!   Stay tuned for additional details and information from the SaveTaBSoda committee.

Please note: This fundraiser is currently closed.

As always—if you’re interested in helping us plan out events or helping organize—please contact us—we can really use the help!

Happy New Year!!

TaB Drinkers: Let’s Make Some Noise!

It’s been one year since Coca-Cola officially discontinued TaB. In the course of that year, we’ve spent a lot of time writing and calling Coca-Cola (and we will continue to do so!)

We at SaveTaBSoda Committee have been very appreciative of all your help and participation in these efforts! And now more than ever–we have to keep it up.

As was quoted in a recent article by Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey- “I get a lot of e-mails about TaB.”

THAT’S GREAT! We now have acknowledgment that they’re hearing us. But they still aren’t listening.

Our efforts, while commendable, have not been enough to convince Coca-Cola why TaB is good for their business. That’s where this next project comes in.


We located and priced out several digital billboards in Atlanta, Georgia–Coca-Cola’s home base. We’ll be renting space on a rotating basis on several billboards so our message shows up, in bright pink, all around Atlanta.

We will use the billboards to create a fun marketing campaign that shows we are still out here–trying to save TaB. As part of this billboard campaign, we’ll be pointing out competitive advantages that TaB has in the marketplace, to those folks at Coca-Cola who make the decisions.

We are targeting the billboards in high-visibility areas around Coca-Cola’s headquarters. In addition to the billboards, we’ll be sending out press releases to major media outlets in hopes of getting the story picked up at the same time as the billboards are live. Our hope is that the billboards and media coverage are enough to get Coca-Cola to engage with us further.

Fundraising Begins

All of this is going to cost money. So we’re officially kicking off our plan to raise funds.

If you can help us out, visit our donation site. If you can’t, would you be willing to share it with someone who might be willing to donate?

Please note: this fundraiser is currently closed.

Additional Information about the Campaign

In addition to raising funds for the billboards, we’ll be doing advertising on social media and through Google Ads to get more people to join our cause. And we’re also looking to create a video that we can promote and market our cause–all of this will cost money–that we don’t have. Here’s where you can help.

Even a small donation from a large group of people is beneficial, so consider donating to our cause, even if it’s a small amount.


SaveTaBSoda Committee is a registered nonprofit organization–none of the volunteer members will profit from any funds raised. When Coca-Cola brings TaB back, any surplus funds will be donated to a charitable cause–and we’ll happily share that information.

Any and all funds raised will be used to support our mission of gaining attention for TaB soda. We’ll use funds for items such as advertising expenses on Google and Facebook, Billboards, other publications, printing TaB stories books and purchasing other merchandise to send to important stakeholders, as well as any future campaign ideas the committee deems suitable to advance our cause to get TaB to come back!

Cover Image:  modified billboard image "825045662" by davidburn is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/70429642@N00/44288706700 

Thank You & Next Steps

First off–thank you all for your efforts in contacting Coca-Cola last Friday. We know that there were plenty of callers, and from those we heard from on social media—those employees in the contact center were receiving plenty of calls from TaB drinkers and TaB lovers in general.  And they were getting a little bit ‘tired’ of the calls toward the end of the day as you could tell by their responses to our requests 😊.  That kind of effort does not go unnoticed by management.

Help Leading Up to the Holidays

We’d love if you keep up the efforts of sending holiday cards to Coca-Cola.  Send them to

Coca-Cola Company

c/o Alfredo Rivera, President North America

1 Coca-Cola Plaza NW

Atlanta, GA 30313

Plenty of us are sending multiple cards and we’d like to encourage you all to continue to participate, even if Coca-Cola receives them a little after our call-in day.  Take a look at some of the cards that are being sent by TaB fans (and if you have fun cards, send them our way to share!)

Sample cards from two TaB-loving sisters.
A “Back to the Future” themed holiday card.

Recent Article

Some of you may have seen an article today about why Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey eliminated half of the brands at Coca-Cola.   What this article should not do, is discourage us. It should energize us and renew us in our effort to convince them they’ve made a bad decision.

If anything, 1) the article shows that there is still media attention to the fact that Coca-Cola made a very bold decision to do something that would inevitably disappoint customers.  2) And the first quote from Mr. Quincey should help us all feel somewhat validated that they are receiving all of our e-mails.  “I get a lot of emails about TaB,” said Quincey.

You bet he does—and that must continue!  Next, we have to work on how we can be more “convincing.”

Next Steps from SaveTaBSoda Committee

We are currently working on our next campaign and will share more information in the coming days.  It’s going to be bigger and bolder than some of our previous efforts.  In the meantime, please continue to stay positive, and let’s focus our energy on Coca-Cola to convince them we’re still out here, and we’re running out (or out of) of TaB!  And if you have time, send them a few holiday cards!

Call Coca-Cola Today!

Today, 12/10/2021–we’re all contacting Coca-Cola to make a product request for TaB. Please join us!


  • Request TaB be produced and sold in stores again.
  • Be polite but firm–ask to speak to a manager if you aren’t getting the answer you wish to hear.
  • Ask for your request to be documented so that Management knows about it.
  • Don’t give up hope!! Call multiple times and continue to ask for TaB!
  • Share any positive results in the comments–we’d love to hear what they tell you.

Final Days to Mail Holiday Cards to Coca-Cola!

We’re targeting calling Coca-Cola on Friday 12/10 (this Friday!) So there are only a few days to get your holiday cards sent out!

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice–we think you deserve TaB for Christmas. Unfortunately, Coca-Cola will make that nearly impossible this year, since they’re no longer producing it. But that doesn’t stop us from asking them to bring it back!

How to Participate:

  1. Send Holiday Cards (and letters) to Coca Cola.
  2. Call Coca-Cola on 12/10 (or whenever you can!) and let them know you’re hoping to have TaB back for Christmas. Let them know you mailed them a holiday card and a request for TaB!

More Details

Sending Cards/letters
  • Please send a personalized letter or card to Coca-Cola. But if that’s too much to ask–download our template and send out a super-easy plea to Coca-Cola to bring TaB back!

Send to:

Coca-Cola Company
Attn: Mr. Alfredo Rivera, President North America
1 Coca Cola Plz NW
Atlanta, GA 30313

Make sure to write #SaveTaBSoda on the outside of the envelope!

Calling Coca-Cola

Please call Coca-Cola Corporate on Friday 12/10 and let them know you’d like to see TaB back for Christmas!



Stay tuned for additional upcoming events to help convince Coca-Cola to bring TaB back into production!