We’re TaB drinkers on a mission to save our soda.

The SaveTaBSoda Committee was formed in October 2020, shortly after the Coca-Cola Company announced the planned discontinuation of TaB soda. 

Founded by a group of TaB drinkers, the organization was designed to focus on activities and events intended to convince Coca-Cola to change its mind on product discontinuation. 

The Committee works on behalf (and with the help) of TaB drinkers everywhere! In August 2021, the committee formally organized as a nonprofit corporation.

This is where you come in.

We need to tell the Coca-Cola Company why TaB is so important to so many customers.  We need to show them they can sell more of this product in a way that is impactful to their business.

TaB was once one of their flagship products with impressive sales figures.  And it can be again!

Are you wondering what makes TaB so special? A picture is worth a thousand words…

Savetabsoda.com is an unofficial fan site. We are in no way officially affiliated with the Coca-Cola Company. TaB soda and its associated trademarks are property of the Coca-Cola Company. This is a website run by fans and all materials on this site are for entertainment purposes only.

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