Coca-Cola’s Newest Leaders Must Hear from TaB Drinkers!

Coke leadership changes provide an opportunity for us, those who love TaB soda, to reach someone new who might be interested in revisiting the TaB cancellation. Let’s write some letters!! Coke’s New Executives Coca-Cola has announced the promotion of two company insiders to become leaders of key business units.  Mr. John Murphy will become PresidentContinue reading “Coca-Cola’s Newest Leaders Must Hear from TaB Drinkers!”

That’s a Wrap on the Billboards

As we previously shared, our Billboards were live in Atlanta, and were up for a full month, coming down just recently, on Monday July 10th. A HUGE Thank You to everyone who donated to make those a reality! We couldn’t have done it without your generous donations. Now that the billboards are down, we wantedContinue reading “That’s a Wrap on the Billboards”

Our Billboard(s) are LIVE in Atlanta!

Summary Thank YOU to everyone who donated—We have two billboards live with five rotating images up for 30 days! Help Us!  Let’s use this momentum to Contact Coca-Cola every single day the billboards are up.  Call (800.GET.COKE) or E-mail Them using their contact form. We’re going to need to raise funds again.  And we’ll beContinue reading “Our Billboard(s) are LIVE in Atlanta!”

5,000 Signatures and Counting…

It took some time, but we’ve reached a new milestone on our petition–5,000+ signatures. Let’s all take a moment to celebrate this achievement! But we won’t rest for long. We hope to grow our supporter base this summer with upcoming events and have plenty of work to do. Stay tuned to for theContinue reading “5,000 Signatures and Counting…”

Help Us Build an Online Photo Archive

We are working on a new project starting in May, and we need your help.  We would like to build an online archive of photographs from TaB drinkers that shows how we’ve spent the past 59 years with TaB!  As we all know—TaB is more than just a beverage, to us.  Let’s show Coca-Cola (andContinue reading “Help Us Build an Online Photo Archive”

Let’s Spring Into Action

Thanks to everyone who participated in our “March Madness Cheering for TaB” event! We know you made many calls to Coca-Cola and sent many notes off to major retailers (like Albertson’s, Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Publix, and Hy-Vee). In addition to your work, the SaveTaBSoda Committee also sent letters off to these major retailers from ourContinue reading “Let’s Spring Into Action”

Committee Update

!Alert! Cheesy Post Ahead–but with an important message 🙂 We wanted to share just how dedicated we are to saving TaB Soda from the history books. The famous lyrics of Rick Astley say it best: Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna makeContinue reading “Committee Update”

Fundraising Update

We’ve made SO MUCH progress on the fundraising efforts for the billboard campaign in Atlanta. At the time of this post, we’ve raised $4,428 of our target of $5,000–for both the billboards and advertising the event. A sincere THANK YOU to every single one of you who have donated. It appears that we are goingContinue reading “Fundraising Update”