5,000 Signatures and Counting…

It took some time, but we’ve reached a new milestone on our change.org petition–5,000+ signatures. Let’s all take a moment to celebrate this achievement! But we won’t rest for long. We hope to grow our supporter base this summer with upcoming events and have plenty of work to do. Stay tuned to SaveTaBSoda.com for theContinue reading “5,000 Signatures and Counting…”

Let’s Spring Into Action

Thanks to everyone who participated in our “March Madness Cheering for TaB” event! We know you made many calls to Coca-Cola and sent many notes off to major retailers (like Albertson’s, Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Publix, and Hy-Vee). In addition to your work, the SaveTaBSoda Committee also sent letters off to these major retailers from ourContinue reading “Let’s Spring Into Action”

Another Radio Interview

We continue to gain attention from media organizations interested in the SaveTaBSoda efforts. Listen to the latest radio interview on a radio station out of Anchorage, Alaska this morning. So many people are interested in what we are doing! Let’s use this momentum to our advantage–call Coca-Cola and tell them you’ve been hearing about TaBContinue reading “Another Radio Interview”

National Attention for the SaveTaBSoda Efforts!

We received some exciting news today…we’re in the news! 🙂 If you haven’t seen it, CNN Business writer Danielle Wiener-Bronner ran a story about our SaveTaBSoda efforts (link below). The article highlights the work we’ve been doing and are planning to do to convince Coca-Cola to bring TaB back into production. Since publication, we’ve seenContinue reading “National Attention for the SaveTaBSoda Efforts!”

Thank You & Next Steps

First off–thank you all for your efforts in contacting Coca-Cola last Friday. We know that there were plenty of callers, and from those we heard from on social media—those employees in the contact center were receiving plenty of calls from TaB drinkers and TaB lovers in general.  And they were getting a little bit ‘tired’Continue reading “Thank You & Next Steps”

Time for a New Tactic!

It’s been roughly one year since Coca-Cola announced the discontinuation of TaB. In the course of that year, we’ve spent a lot of time writing and calling Coca-Cola (and we will continue to do so!) We at SaveTaBSoda Committee have been very appreciative of all your help and participation in these efforts! And now moreContinue reading “Time for a New Tactic!”

Letters and Books on the Way to Coke Bottlers!

We hope you all joined us in contacting the carefully selected Coca-Cola Bottlers today. If you haven’t yet–please join us in writing them a letter. If you have written them, THANK YOU! All members of the SaveTaBSoda Committee wrote individual letters, and we also sent an official letter from our group along with the TaBContinue reading “Letters and Books on the Way to Coke Bottlers!”