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Press Releases

DateRelease Title
07/06/2022TaB Drinkers Unite to Bring Back Favorite Soda
06/15/2022Billboards in Atlanta!
01/01/2022Introducing SaveTaBSoda Committee
Press Releases

News Stories

Below, we’ve captured the various stories and media that document the SaveTaBSoda story in the public eye.

DateTitle/LinkNews Outlet
11/30/2022Bring Back TaB Movement ContinuesVending Times
11/28/2022TaB Fans are Putting Out an S.O.S (Save Our Soda)Atlanta Magazine
08/23/2022For TaB Superfans, Bringing the Soda Back is PersonalBon Appetit
07/07/2022TaB Drinkers Unite to Bring Back Favorite SodaStupidDope
7/6/2022TaB Soda Fans Give Coca-Cola a Sign They Want Their Beloved Drink ReturnedPennLive
2/10/2022Fans of Coke’s TaB Make a Business Case for Bringing it BackAdWeek
2/4/2022The Untold Truth of
1/31/2022A TaB Superfan is Begging Coca-Cola to Bring It Back…Because her Stockpile is Down to Just 23
2/3/2022TaB Drinkers Petition Coca-Cola To Bring Back Canceled Diet
2/2/2022Consumer alert: A very active and very dedicated community of soda-drinkers is absolutely determined to force Coke to bring back Tab
2/1/2022TaB Fans Want Coca-Cola to Bring Back their Favourite Soft
2/1/2022Tab Devotees Unite in Honorable Effort to Revive their Favorite SodaThe Takeout
2/1/2022Fans Will Stop at Nothing to Bring Back TaB
2/1/2022Country Coffee Collins Interview, Anchorage AlaskaKBEAR 104.1
1/31/2022Interview on The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano77WABC Talk Radio
1/31/2022TaB Lovers Continue to Fight to Restore BrandVending Times
2/1/2022TaB fans Organize to Bring Back the Discontinued Diet
1/31/2022People are Petitioning Coca-Cola to Bring Back TaBFood & Wine
1/30/2022Meet the Superfans Trying to Save
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