Committee Update

!Alert! Cheesy Post Ahead–but with an important message 🙂 We wanted to share just how dedicated we are to saving TaB Soda from the history books. The famous lyrics of Rick Astley say it best: Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna makeContinue reading “Committee Update”

Quick Reminder: Please Sign and Share Petition

As we shared previously, we have recently launched a new Petition to SaveTaBSoda! This blog post is a “THANK YOU” for those of you who have signed and shared, and it’s a REMINDER for those who haven’t! If you’ve already signed it, THANK YOU! If you’ve already shared it, THANK YOU! If you haven’tContinue reading “Quick Reminder: Please Sign and Share Petition”

We Are Getting Organized – Sign Up to Join Us

Ok, so it’s been just over two weeks since the bad news came out. We’ve all been contacting Coca-Cola in many ways, and so far we’re getting offers of commemorative glasses and form letter responses devoid of any real empathy or indication of a change of direction. What we are doing is not enough. ButContinue reading “We Are Getting Organized – Sign Up to Join Us”

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