Our Social Media Strategy (+Committee Update)

Our Committee has been working hard to create a plan for us to make some noise and get the attention of the Coca-Cola Company. Now we’re ready for your help! There is power in numbers, and we need all of you to amplify our voices. We have begun communicating this simple social media strategy in the various Facebook groups, and ask you to share as well. This needs to be an ongoing activity we are all doing, while we plan out future events.

Social Media Strategy

Here are three simple actions we’d like all TaBbies and their allies to take during the rest of 2020 (and if necessary–longer) until Coca-Cola changes its mind. 1)Sign Up, 2)Tweet, and 3)Share.

  1. Sign up for Twitter/Facebook and start tweeting/posting. If you don’t know how to do this, we wrote a twitter step-by-step instruction guide here. It’s super easy, so please give it a go.
  2. Tweet/Post Every Day – Every day, multiple times per day, we need you to engage with content on Twitter/Facebook that is related to saving TaB on @CocaColaCo’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. The more engagement the better. If you feel like you’re repeating yourself, you’re just getting started–keep going 🙂
    • Write your own tweets/posts.
    • Seek out other tweets and posts that resonate with you and retweet/share them. (search @CocaColaCo and #SaveTab to find them).
    • Like other people’s tweets and posts.
    • When tweeting/posting, ensure you are mentioning @CocaColaCo and using #SaveTab.
      • We’re trying to gain attention and hope to find just the right mix of content to “go viral.” So please, get creative–share videos, photos, and the like. Use a meme generator if you want.
      • We have established a social media calendar with a Twitter/Facebook topic for every single day of the week. Download the calendar here.
  3. Share–this may be the most important item. Tell anyone and everyone! If you see someone on social media (or in real life) who loves TaB as much as you do–tell them what we are doing. Send them right here to savetabsoda.com for these instructions!

In summary: Sign up for Twitter, start tweeting, and tell everyone else to as well.

+Committee Update

Now that we have rolled out this social media strategy and calendar, we are beginning to work on creating additional events that will attract media attention. Physical events, and ways that will expand our reach. We need volunteers to help us. Particularly those who are in communities who have access to TaB. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.

Want to Join Our #SaveTaB Committee Zoom Meetings?

We’ve added a lot of new subscribers to the site in the past couple of weeks—which is awesome! 

But that got us to thinking…are they subscribing because they just want occasional e-mail updates from us when we post something new? 

Or… are they subscribing because they want to take a more active role in saving our beloved soda?  

If it’s the latter, and you’re a subscriber who would like to join our #SaveTaB committee (we’ve had two meetings via Zoom so far), please join us. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

It’s Time to Tweet and Post!

(on @CocaColaCo‘s Twitter and Facebook wall)

<<<SUMMARY:  We want to encourage everyone to tweet @ CocaColaCo twitter and post on the Coca-Cola public Facebook wall as much as possible!  Read on for more information.>>>

Hi TaB Friends,

Up until now, we’ve been reaching out to Coca-Cola through letters, e-mails, telephone calls, Facebook messages, and the like. While it’s been a noble effort, two things are becoming clear 1) these communications are somewhat private—between individuals and the company, and 2) because of that–we aren’t seeing any movement in the company’s position (they’re apologizing and offering commemorative TaB glasses—but that’s it).

It’s time for a different approach.  It’s time to move our conversations to a public forum.  Some of us have already been doing this—but not enough of us.  Together our voices have so much more impact—especially when we are speaking in front of millions of Coca-Cola customers. 

Let’s turn ALL of our persuasive conversations into public dialogue by having them on the @CocaColaCo twitter feed and public Facebook wall!   Every single day, numerous times per day—tweet @CocaColaCo and post on Coca-Cola’s Facebook wall to remind them how upset you are with the discontinuation of TaB, and why it’s a bad decision for consumers and for the company.   And ask your friends to post, tweet, and retweet you too!

Some guidelines for your tweets/posts (to maximize impact)

  • Write engaging content
    • Include photos or videos – make your post/tweet engaging so others retweet you or share your post (and ensure your post is public/shareable).
      • This is how memes get started—if you have a clever one, share it!
      • Use a meme generator if you want to get creative!
    • Include a call-to-action for Coca-Cola (saving/bringing back TaB)
    • In your tweet, feel free to @mention relevant entities–always use @CocaColaCo and feel free to mention others—the company CEO, a news organization, the company’s competitors (Pepsi?) or a famous celebrity who might be able to help! 
    • Use consistent hashtags—our group should use #SaveTab If we all use the same hashtag, we are more likely to “trend.”
    • Add a bit of humor if you can—funny tweets and posts attract the most attention.
    • IMPORTANT:  avoid threatening or abusive language, some companies forbid it, and they won’t engage you, and may even remove your post.

And don’t forget to retweet each other and like one another’s posts.  The more we engage, the better!  If you see another tweet or post that resonates with you, retweet or share it!   If you don’t have a twitter account—this is the perfect reason to set one up!  Here’s an article that explains some of the basics.

When writing your posts and tweets, remember: the Coca-Cola Company’s boilerplate response has been “This wasn’t an easy decision and we’re thankful for our loyal TaB drinkers. As a global company, we’re challenging ourselves to think differently about our portfolio of brands with growth and scale in mind. Unfortunately, we had to make the hard decision to discontinue TaB.”   

Do your best to write your content in such a way that makes this an UNACCEPTABLE response!

Sample message themes:

  • TaB lacked marketing for years, how can you give up on a classic without giving it proper marketing and distribution?
  • TaB has tremendous upside potential—do you realize younger generations started drinking it without advertising and lack of availability?
  • Online distribution is the future–have you considered alternative distribution methods? (online, subscription, syrups for sale, etc.)
  • How can you keep making such big decisions without concern for your customers?  Customers should be the center of your product decisions.
  • Customers and Shareholders alike demand more.  The Coca-Cola core value of focusing on their market “Get out into the market and listen, observe and learn,” has been overlooked in this decision.
  • Coca-Cola should not discontinue a product as iconic and old as TaB in a year when we have lost so much already.
  • Coca-Cola has never introduced a younger generation to TaB.  Ask anyone under 30 and most have never heard the TaB jingle.

Finally: We are just getting started. Familiarize yourself with Twitter and Facebook Posts so that when additional social media campaigns are announced, you are ready to participate! We have some fun ideas coming up 🙂

We Are Getting Organized – Sign Up to Join Us

Ok, so it’s been just over two weeks since the bad news came out. We’ve all been contacting Coca-Cola in many ways, and so far we’re getting offers of commemorative glasses and form letter responses devoid of any real empathy or indication of a change of direction.

What we are doing is not enough. But that does not mean we should stop. We need to double-down on our efforts and explore additional ways to create buzz around Coca-Cola’s decision, and increase the public’s awareness of the product itself.

We are working to create a planning/organizing committee for this shared cause. This committee is open to anyone–and as we get organized, we will work with all of the various TaB groups on social media to share information and collaborate.

Here’s what we are thinking for the next steps:

  1. Recruit volunteers to join committee (1 week). (please volunteer below)
  2. We will schedule a virtual meeting kickoff call (within 2 weeks).
    • In this meeting we will brainstorm ideas we should pursue. No idea is a bad idea.
    • We will start to prioritize the ideas and identify how to move them forward.
    • We will establish a recurring touchpoint meeting for this committee to meet and discuss upcoming campaigns and how to organize the broader TaB social media communities.
    • We will work on a centralized communication so that the latest information is available to all interested parties.

<<<This is a call to action–if you want to help save our soda, now is the time.>>> As TaB is beginning to disappear completely from stores, we are going to start to see more people joining our ranks–let’s get organized so they know how to help right away.

Join Committee

Subscribe for updates.

Letter Writers Unite

Campaign runs from 10/26-10/30

This campaign has ended–but feel free to keep sending letters!

When writing a letter, why not write a few?

Tomorrow will mark ten (10) days since Coca-Cola announced the planned discontinuation of TaB. During that time, a lot of great work has happened–you’ve all been calling, messaging, tweeting, and in general just letting Coke know how you feel. Keep all of that up!

That being said–it’s a new week in our fight. And if we focus our energy, we can achieve maximum impact. Together we are stronger. Let’s all dedicate some time this week to a single activity where we will devote extra attention.

This week, we want to encourage TaB fans to write letters to Coca-Cola (if you’ve already written one or several–write another!) Tell them how you feel about the decision, and encourage them to change their mind.

And if you’re going to write one letter–why not make a few copies and ensure that everyone in the Coca-Cola Leadership team receives one (list of their names is below)! As an added bonus, send photos or handwritten notes along with your letters to the executives to help personalize/humanize your request. (Maybe you have a kid or grandkid who would write a note to support you?)

And if you want some fun pink stationery to write your letter on, we have a template available for download. Another idea–send it in a pink envelope!

>>>Let’s focus on delivering hundreds and hundreds of letters to Coke this week–and don’t forget to share this post on social media where many TaB fans will see it–there is strength in numbers!<<<

If you hear back from Coca-Cola–please post about it in the comments!!

Address and contact list are below.

Coca-Cola Corporate Address:

The Coca-Cola Company
Attn: [insert person’s name and title here]
1 Coca Cola Plz NW
Atlanta, GA 30313


Executive Leadership:

James Quincey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Brian Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer
John Murphy, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Manuel Arroyo, Chief Marketing Officer and Group President, Asia Pacific
Lisa Chang, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer
Bradley M. Gayton, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Gilles Leclerc, Vice President and President, The McDonald’s Division
Robert Long, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer
Beatriz Perez, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications, Public Affairs, Sustainability and Marketing Assets Officer
Nancy Quan, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer
Barry Simpson, Senior Vice President and Chief Information and Integrated Services Officer
Executive Leadership

Vice Presidents:

Barry Ballow, Vice President, Chief of Internal Audit
Kelly Johnstone, Vice President, Strategic Security
Robert Jordan, Jr., Vice President, General Tax Counsel
Timothy K. Leveridge, Vice President, Investor Relations Officer
Kathy Loveless, Vice President and Controller
Larry Mark, Vice President, Global Finance Operations
Bernard McGuinness, Vice President, Flavor Supply
Robin Moore, Vice President, Next Generation Services
Christopher Nolan, Vice President, Corporate Treasurer
Helen Smith Price, Vice President, Global Community Affairs and President, Coca-Cola Foundation
Christine Quinn, Vice President and Director, Flavor Ingredient Supply
Marie Quintero-Johnson, Vice President and Director, Mergers and Acquisitions
Mark Randazza, Vice President, Assistant Controller and Chief Accounting Officer
Wamwari Waichungo, Vice President, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
Vice Presidents

Operations Leadership, North America:

Alfredo Rivera, President, Coca-Cola North America
Zoran Vučinić, Chief Operating Officer, North America Group
John Hackett, President, Minute Maid
Kathleen Ciaramello, President, Foodservice and On-premise
Darlene Nicosia, President, Canada
Melanie Boulden, President, Stills Business Unit
Selman Careaga, President, Sparkling Business Unit
James Dinkins, Senior Vice President and Senior Advisor, The Coca-Cola Company
North America Operations Leadership

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