2022 Year in Review

It’s been a busy year for those of us in the TaB drinking community. At this point, most of us are completely without TaB (and have been for quite a while), with a select few who are watching their remaining stockpiles dwindle. And yet we carry on, working hard to get our beverage back.

As we look forward to 2023, the year TaB would have turned 60, we have many more activities and events planned to keep the attention on TaB. But before we get into that, we thought it would be best to share a recap of what we’ve all been up to this past year.


  • The year started off with a bang when CNN picked up a story on our efforts. A few high profile individuals tweeted the story, which got us a lot of attention. Then we had a media frenzy that carried forward into February.
  • Many articles/interviews were created about our cause:
1/31/2022A TaB Superfan is Begging Coca-Cola to Bring It Back…Because her Stockpile is Down to Just 23 12-Packs1079thefox.com
1/31/2022Interview on The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano77WABC Talk Radio
1/31/2022TaB Lovers Continue to Fight to Restore BrandVending Times
1/31/2022People are Petitioning Coca-Cola to Bring Back TaBFood & Wine
1/30/2022Meet the Superfans Trying to Save TaBCNN.com
Articles and Interviews about SaveTaBSoda


  • The articles continued rolling in…
2/10/2022Fans of Coke’s TaB Make a Business Case for Bringing it BackAdWeek
2/4/2022The Untold Truth of TaBMashed.com
2/3/2022TaB Drinkers Petition Coca-Cola To Bring Back Canceled Diet DrinkPatch.com
2/2/2022Consumer alert: A very active and very dedicated community of soda-drinkers is absolutely determined to force Coke to bring back Tab sodaNotthebee.com
2/1/2022TaB Fans Want Coca-Cola to Bring Back their Favourite Soft DrinkNine.Com.au
2/1/2022Tab Devotees Unite in Honorable Effort to Revive their Favorite SodaThe Takeout
2/1/2022Fans Will Stop at Nothing to Bring Back TaB SodaMashed.com
2/1/2022Country Coffee Collins Interview, Anchorage AlaskaKBEAR 104.1
2/1/2022TaB fans Organize to Bring Back the Discontinued Diet SodaPeople.com
Articles and Interviews about SaveTaBSoda
  • Valentines for TaB. During the week of 2/7-2/14 we all made phone calls and sent e-mails to Coca-Cola Corporate asking for TaB to be brought back. A Valentine’s message doubled as a way to let them know we’re all still here. And we still want TaB.


  • We did a March Madness themed event. We asked TaB drinkers to 1) Contact Coca-Cola Corporate, 2) Contact Major Retailers (like WalMart/Amazon), and 3) flood Social Media with TaB. Responding to Coca-Cola Tweets and posts wherever we see something Coke-related–we add a post about TaB.


  • We focused our efforts on major retailers. We contacted corporate for the following stores, looking for a partner to reach out to Coca-Cola on our behalf:
The major retailers we have been in touch with.


  • We built an online photo archive of TaB drinkers. We’ve used the photos from this photo gallery in many of our communications to Coca-Cola and the bottlers. We’ll likely do another round of collecting photos in 2023. Thank you for sharing your photos.


  • THIS WAS OUR BIG EVENT! We launched our Billboards in Atlanta! They were live for a full month, and during this time, we issued press releases and met with journalists to discuss why TaB is so important that we bought billboards near Coca-Cola headquarters with our message on it.
  • Articles continue to be written about our efforts:
07/07/2022TaB Drinkers Unite to Bring Back Favorite SodaStupidDope
7/6/2022TaB Soda Fans Give Coca-Cola a Sign They Want Their Beloved Drink ReturnedPennLive


  • We shared a little about the “behind-the-scenes” of the Committee. While there are many public projects going on, there are also things we’ve been working on that don’t require so much marketing and publicity. We shared the types of individuals and organizations we’ve been reaching out to (like celebrities and companies).
  • Articles continue to be written about our efforts:
08/23/2022For TaB Superfans, Bringing the Soda Back is PersonalBon Appetit
Articles and Interviews about SaveTaBSoda


  • Coca-Cola announced new leadership at Coca-Cola North America–so we asked TaB drinkers to write these new leaders a letter about TaB. We put together templates to help make it easier (and we also encouraged personal letters to be written). We ended up with hundreds of downloads (and we hope) letters mailed and sent!


  • SaveTaBSoda and Save Northern Neck Ginger Ale groups went head-to-head in a calling competition. We wanted to see who could make the most calls and e-mails to Corporate asking for our favorite sodas back. When we call Coca-Cola to let them know about TaB, we’re all winners.
  • Articles continue to be written about our efforts (and one of them was in a print magazine in Atlanta!)
11/30/2022Bring Back TaB Movement ContinuesVending Times
11/28/2022TaB Fans are Putting Out an S.O.S (Save Our Soda)Atlanta Magazine
Articles and Interviews about SaveTaBSoda


  • Our petition reached 6,000 signatures! Fantastic news!!
  • We asked Coca-Cola during the holiday season, to bring TaB back.
  • We reflected back on the year, and looked forward to what we’ll work on in 2023.

Happy New Year TaB Drinkers–let’s work just as hard in 2023 to get our favorite soda back!

Published by savetabsoda

The SaveTaBSoda Committee was formed in 2021 to help convince Coca-Cola to bring back TaB Soda! TaB was discontinued in 2020, and we weren't finished with it yet. Join us in our efforts to save TaB from the history books.

9 thoughts on “2022 Year in Review

  1. … appreciate your creativity and efforts on bringing TaB back. Just saw a picture of Frank Beard- drummer for ZZ Top, with a can of TaB in his hand. Poked around a bit and saw it was a common appearance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! We have heard he’s a major TaB fan, and always had someone acquire TaB for his concerts when they were on the road. We’ve reached out to his management team to see if we can get in touch with him!


  2. 2023 will bring my rationed stockpile of TaB to an end. I don’t know if I can bear it! I sure hope 2023 is the year Coke reintroduces the world to our beloved TaB!

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  3. Wow, we like the way you think! Imagine the sea of pink and TaB floats. If only there were TaB to drink at said parade. We’ll take your idea into consideration as we think about upcoming events.


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