What We’ve Been Up To…

Hopefully you all got a chance to see the blog posts about the billboard campaign we ran in Atlanta during June and July.

In addition to getting the TaB billboards up and working on media coverage for them we wanted to let you know that that’s not the only thing we’ve been working on.

This blog post shares some of the many other efforts we’ve undertaken to save TaB, and we’d like to enlist your help with any possible sources, contacts, or other suggestions to help in our work. Please see our How You Can Help at the bottom.

Writing to Executives at Coca-Cola

  • We’ve been reaching out via letters and e-mails to many of the executives at Coca-Cola. From the CEO all the way to division leaders–if we’ve located contact information for them, we’ve attempted to reach them with ideas for how to bring the product back, as well as the stories of the TaB drinking community.
  • We’ve kept an eye out for new open job positions at Coca-Cola and have reached out to newly hired employees as well to let them know about the importance of TaB.
  • We’ve also reached out to some former Coca-Cola employees to try to gain insights into what it would take to convince Coca-Cola to bring TaB back.

Retail Partners

  • We’ve been reviewing the various retailers who offer Coca-Cola products for sale, and have been trying to identify those who would be the best ally to help up convince Coca-Cola to bring TaB back.
  • We’ve written to executives and key personnel at those organizations to explain our goal of getting TaB back in consumers’ hands. If Coca-Cola doesn’t want to listen to consumers, maybe they’ll listen to one of their retailer customers (that’s our hope, and we continue to pursue this).

The Bottlers

  • Not only have we been calling, e-mailing, and writing to specific Coca-Cola Bottlers (in hopes we’d find one who likes TaB), we’ve also written to Industry Trade Organizations to try to gain additional insight into the Coca-Cola System.
  • If we can find a Bottler and a Retailer who both believe TaB should make a comeback, we have a stronger case.

News Media

  • We’ve been contacting SO MANY news media resources, from television stations, radio stations, online websites, you name it.
  • We’re trying to reach writers, editors, content producers, bloggers–anyone who will talk to us. We know there’s a great story to be written about TaB and its loyal fans. And anything written about us to show we’re still out here, and we still want TaB–is beneficial to our cause.

Outside the Box Ideas…

  • Would Someone Else Make TaB?
    • We’ve reached out to Craft Soda Companies and other entities to see if we could find one interested in licensing the TaB formula to produce it in small batches for the Fan Community.
    • We’ve even asked if companies would be interested in creating a “TaB-Like” diet cola sweetened with Saccharin.
    • We continue our efforts in this area to see if we can find a good partner.
  • Could Coke’s Competitors Help Us?
    • What if Pepsi brought back Pepsi Light (with Saccharin?)
    • What if we found another competitor who brought back some product in the same category as TaB to lure customers over to them?
    • We continue to ask and see if we find interest.
  • Celebrities
    • TaB’s been in so many commercials and movies. We’ve reached out to all celebrities that we have found with any connection to TaB to see if they’d mention our cause on social media. We’ve even reached out to celebrities with no connnection to TaB to see what might happen.
    • Celebrities are harder to reach than most–we’ve used social media so far. If anyone knows how to get in touch with celebrities’ agents–let us know.
  • Hollywood Execs
    • We’ve contacted production companies, propmasters, casting directors, you name it. We’re trying to find a way to get TaB placed in upcoming TV Shows or movies to help the general public gain interest in the product.
  • Social Media Influencers
    • We’ve reached out to social media influencers (those are people with lots of followers!) in the food and beverage space to see if any of them have an interest in doing a post about TaB. The more people who learn about it, the better–we say.
  • 3D Beverage Printers and other new product companies
    • We’ve reached out to other companies in the beverage space. From those who claim they can “3D Print” any flavor, to those who produce syrups for at-home soda machines. We want to find a partner who would help bring that TaB flavor back to market.

How You Can Help!

There are two things you can do that would be very helpful right now.

1-Personal Connections

Now that we’ve shared the list of entities we are contacting, we’d like to know if you know someone in one of those categories that could help us. Do you have a contact? We’re finding that it’s very challenging to get anyone to even acknowledge or respond to us. Sometimes it takes a personal connection to help open a door. Maybe someone you know can be that personal connection. Please let us know!

Specifically, do you have a friend or relative with a contact who will talk with us or work with us at one of these companies (Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, etc.)

Or do you have contacts who work in news media?

Do you have kids or grandkids who follow influencers on social media? Ask them who they follow and if they have any suggestions on who we should reach out to–or maybe they’d reach out on our behalf?

2-Online Article Outreach

Whenever we see an article that’s relevant to TaB (like Taco Bell pizza coming back, or the Choco Taco being discontinued after 40 years, for example), we contact the author of that article, and YOU SHOULD TOO!  Tell them about all of the TaB drinkers who refuse to give up on their favorite soda! In addition to that, you should comment about savetabsoda.com in the article’s comment section. The more people who find out about us, the better.

When engaging–please always share our website (Savetabsoda.com) as this points individuals to our Facebook group, our petition where we are collecting signatures, our fundraiser, and the Coca-Cola contact information. It’s the best place to point someone who is new to our cause. And feel free to tag us on social media when you are replying to posts. We’ll chime in too. We’re @SaveTaBSoda. Our preferred hashtag is #SaveTaBSoda

Please share any leads you might have by contacting us.

In our next post, we’ll be collecting additional ideas from the TaB community on our next big project.

Published by savetabsoda

The SaveTaBSoda Committee was formed in 2021 to help convince Coca-Cola to bring back TaB Soda! TaB was discontinued in 2020, and we weren't finished with it yet. Join us in our efforts to save TaB from the history books.

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