TaB Soda Market Research Results – Final Installment

As you know, we’re here to Save TaB! One of the ideas we’ve been working on is to capture some information from TaB drinkers to help demonstrate to the Coca-Cola Company how viable the product is and how just a little bit of investment in advertising and marketing it would make a world of difference in sales.

About a month ago, we created a “market research survey” for TaB drinkers on social media. And we’re sharing some of the things we learned through that survey here on our blog. And we’re also sharing these facts with the Coca-Cola Company.

In our prior posts, we shared about the net promoter score and other quantitative data. This time we wanted to share some of the qualitative data (in other words–the kind words you had to say) about TaB soda.

Net Promoter Follow Up

When we asked TaB drinkers to rate on a scale of 0-10 on whether they would recommend TaB to a friend or colleague–we asked them why they scored the way they did. Here’s what the promoters (9’s and 10’s) had to say (just a small sample):

The taste is like nothing else.
I have drank tab for 40 years, I can’t live without it
Pretty much everything you could want in a soda
It’s happiness in a can!
I love TaB! Best tasting! TaB is like an old best friend
Tab is the best drink in the world
Unique flavor, love taste, fizz, caffeine, 0 calories
Because…it is the all-time best and most refreshing soft drink!
It’s unique, and so refreshing! A full bodied flavor with none of the cloying sweetness of Diet Coke.
TaB has a great flavor. Tastes like Coca-Cola but with no calories!
I think its something super unique and special and that everyone should try it
My love of TaB and wanting others to love it too
Tab is hands down the best tasting and satisfying diet soft drink!
It is the real and original diet version of Coke
It’s so delicious!
It’s the best soda ever made!
i love the unique taste of TaB and feel like a part of a special group
It’s the nectar of the gods
It tastes sweet with a clean bite
It is the best.
Promoters (those who scored 9’s and 10’s and their comments)

TaB Brand Description

We also asked TaB Drinkers to describe the product in three short words. The word cloud below helps visualize where we saw common responses. The larger the word–the more often it showed up in responses.

Word Cloud

Final Question

When we closed out our survey, we wanted to make sure to give an opportunity for submitters to provide any parting thoughts about TaB soda, so we asked “what else do you want to make sure we know about TaB?” Here is a sample of some of the great comments we received (again–that we are sharing with Coca-Cola).

TaB is life!
I will purchase it and go to great lengths to find it. Keeping it available on Amazon is a great option
Please find to rethink how to keep TaB.
It’s more than just a beverage; it’s the bedrock of a lifestyle!
It needs to stay!
I’d love to be able to quit stockpiling – but I can’t.
Please don’t stop making it!!!!
It is the only thing that quenches my thirst
I’ve been drinking it for 40 years. My friends and family do not wish to be around me without TaB!
Love it….only thing I hoarded at the beginning of the pandemic
I’m old please dont take it away
TaB drinkers are loyal customers
My life has been a struggle. TaB is my comfort and peace. Please don’t take that away from me.
Make it and we will buy it!
Please don’t STOP producing our favorite beverage!
I love it
TaB is a part of my life
TaB is an iconic brand with a wonderful taste…wish Coca Cola would re-invest in TaB and promote it!!!
There is a great demand for it. Listen to the customers!
I am a loyal lifetime TaB drinker known by my friends and family for my love of TaB. It’s part of my identity.
Has been my drink of choice since 1967!
It’s the peace in my day!
I take it with me everywhere!!! It’s my first thing to drink in the morning! I don’t think I can face life’s challenges without TaB!
All the young kids in my family love TaB. They only know about it because of me. If only it was marketed, it would be a much better seller
My primary soft drink since its inception. (I’m 68)
I need it like a surgical patient needs a blood transfusion to survive!
It’s a blend of nostalgia with an almost futuristic taste.
It is currently the#12 best selling soft drinks on Amazon. That should indicate to Coca Cola they should keep making it.
I have drank it for 50 years and there are many like me. It made a 12yr old diabetic girl so happy.
I have been drinking Tab for 45 years and still love it! Nothing even comes close to the taste I love! Please bring it back! I even have the young ones of the family drinking it and they love it!
The people who have been buying TAB all these years-may not be many, but we are dedicated to the product. Please don’t take it away to try some flavor that will be a flash in the pan. It is great for the Coke brand to have us say how long we have been proud to drink a Coke product! I have been drinking it from the start and I am 65 now. People know me as the Tab girl! (Great publicity) Thank you for reading this.
I’m 61 years old and I’ve drank Tab since I was 11. I never drank it because it was a diet drink, I truly loved the taste. I love a carbonated beverage but all other coke and Pepsi products were to sweet for my taste. Tab has a refreshing taste without the sweet overload. My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have all drank my Tabs and have always loved it and still do.
Not to mention no calories and low sodium makes it the perfect choice !!
It’s a definite conversation starter when someone sees my can….
The product needs to be more readily available if you want to sell more of it. However, I will purchase it in ANY FORM and in ANY DISTRIBUTION method made available to me in the future. PLEASE and THANK YOU.
It has a fiercely loyal customer base, as if you didn’t know.
You all already know, it is perfect and nothing will ever come close to replace it.
I’ve been drinking it for 40 years. My friends and family do not wish to be around me without TAB!
All who know me sent condolences that TaB was being discontinued. I am known for drinking TaB
It makes me happy and I don’t want to live without it!
Tastiest diet soft drink ever
I’ve been drinking it for over 45 years
We’d have been buying more of it if more product had been available.
If you make it, we will buy!
My friends gave me the nickname “TaB”
I really hope Tab stays available!!!
Please reconsider keeping TaB in production! Not sure why advertising ever ceased for it, but many of us Tabaholics are confident if it were reinstated, the demand would certainly follow!
I’ve been drinking Tab all my life, we were born the same year. There is no other drink like Tab. With no advertising in 20 years Tab still sells.
TaB is and always will be my first choice of beverages. If Coke stops making TaB, I won’t buy Coke products ever again. It’s just that important to me!
I have seen TaB back in my grocery store over the last 2 months in Florida, I called Coca-Cola to ask if they have changed their mind about bringing it back, but they said no change.
Tab is essential to me. I drink it all day and carry it to bed with me.
45 years of addiction
Best drink ever
I have seen TaB back in my grocery store over the last 2 months in Florida, I called Coca-Cola to ask if they have changed their mind about bringing it back, but they said no change.
It is my drink of choice. I don’t drink coffee and other diet sodas seem flat to me.
Survey Comments

I wish we had some great parting words here–but truly–you all summed things up pretty well in your survey comments! We’re sharing all of this information with Coca-Cola officials and we hope having some data will help our cause.

Thanks for providing your thoughts on the survey and stay tuned for our next activity/event coming soon.

In the meantime, please make sure you are tweeting @CocaColaCo (using #SaveTaBSoda) and calling Coca-Cola at 800.GET.COKE whenever you have the time. Remind them you’re still requesting them to save TaB from the history books.

Published by savetabsoda

The SaveTaBSoda Committee was formed in 2021 to help convince Coca-Cola to bring back TaB Soda! TaB was discontinued in 2020, and we weren't finished with it yet. Join us in our efforts to save TaB from the history books.

14 thoughts on “TaB Soda Market Research Results – Final Installment

    1. I bought Tab at several Publix supermarkets in Jacksonville all last winter, as late as Feb. when I visited there.


      1. Glad you were able to get some TaB last winter! Hopefully we can convince Coca-Cola to bring it back so you can continue to purchase it! If you haven’t, don’t forget to call Coca-Cola 800.GET.COKE to let them know what you think.


  1. I have been drinking Tab since the 1960s and I always said….”if you put me in a nursing home please make sure I have my Tab”. To me it’s all the above statements. Please don’t get rid of Tab!


  2. Wow! Didn’t know this was going on but I also have been a Tab drinker for over 40 years. It’s been the only soda I could drink as I am hypoglycemic as well as allergic to most of the artificial sweeteners on the market. So Tab was my one “dessert”. So I was most distressed when it was pulled from the market. Other people can have a little something sweet sometime but for some of us when you find a treat you can finally have, it’s so disappointing when that one thing is taken away too.


    1. We agree! TaB is unique and it’s the only soda so many consumers out there can enjoy! We encourage you to reach out to Coca-Cola and tell your story as well!


  3. I have drank tab all my life and its the only diet drink that doesn’t trigger my migranes. I so wish coco cola would bring it back. There is nothing else like it.

    Liked by 1 person

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