How to Help

So you want to help save TaB? See below for ways to take action to help prevent our beloved soda from disappearing from store shelves forever.

Then, contact TaB’s maker–the Coca-Cola Company. 1.800.GET.COKE

When contacting the Coca-Cola Company, remember to be respectful. Make your case for why they should bring back TaB. Be firm, but friendly. A little courtesy can go a long way.

And if calling Coke isn’t your thing–we have some other ideas below as well!

Take Action:

E-Mail Coca-Cola

This contact us form will allow you to e-mail the Coca-Cola Company. Or you can e-mail individual employees as well.

Write a Letter or Postcard

The Coca-Cola Company
Attn: Mr. James Quincey, CEO
1 Coca Cola Plz NW
Atlanta, GA 30313

And while you’re writing a letter–why not make several copies and send to the company’s entire executive leadership team?

Sign the Petition

The official SaveTaBSoda petition is here.

Contact your Local Bottler

If they bottled TaB–this impacts them too–so they will care. Here is a list of Coca-Cola Bottlers.

Social Media

Tweet @CocaColaCo
Use #SaveTabSoda

Call Coca-Cola


Report your complaint, and ask for a follow up from Management.

Local Media

Local televsion, radio, and newspaper media outlets benefit from stories like this.

Contact them. Explain how important TaB is to you.  If you have a TaB collection or an interesting story about how TaB has impacted your life–share it with them.   All publicity is good publicity.

Engage the Competition

Talk to the small craft soda companies and other beverage producers.  If Coca-Cola doesn’t want to produce TaB, maybe someone else will. Encourage them to reach out to Coca-Cola to inquire about the rights to TaB. Coke could set TaB free.

Contact Retailers

If you have a favorite store that you shop because TaB is available–let them know you would like their support in continuing the production of TaB. They can contact the bottlers or Coca-Cola directly.

Leverage Influencers

Contact celebrities and other Influencers.  Would they promote saving TaB on their platform? Introduce your favorite celebrity to TaB! Use your social network to your advantage.

Do you subscribe to a YouTube channel with a lot of followers? Reach out to them and see if they will mention saving TaB in their videos. Send a can (if you can find one) in the mail to your favorite YouTuber to drink in their video.

Spread the word!

We’ve created a flyer you can hang up in your local community to direct people toward our cause. Print and distribute as you see fit!

Local Events

Grab some friends, and stage a #SaveTabSoda event and use social media to promote it.

Is there something else we should add to the list? Contact us!

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