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Ok, so it’s been just over two weeks since the bad news came out. We’ve all been contacting Coca-Cola in many ways, and so far we’re getting offers of commemorative glasses and form letter responses devoid of any real empathy or indication of a change of direction.

What we are doing is not enough. But that does not mean we should stop. We need to double-down on our efforts and explore additional ways to create buzz around Coca-Cola’s decision, and increase the public’s awareness of the product itself.

We are working to create a planning/organizing committee for this shared cause. This committee is open to anyone–and as we get organized, we will work with all of the various TaB groups on social media to share information and collaborate.

Here’s what we are thinking for the next steps:

  1. Recruit volunteers to join committee (1 week). (please volunteer below)
  2. We will schedule a virtual meeting kickoff call (within 2 weeks).
    • In this meeting we will brainstorm ideas we should pursue. No idea is a bad idea.
    • We will start to prioritize the ideas and identify how to move them forward.
    • We will establish a recurring touchpoint meeting for this committee to meet and discuss upcoming campaigns and how to organize the broader TaB social media communities.
    • We will work on a centralized communication so that the latest information is available to all interested parties.

<<<This is a call to action–if you want to help save our soda, now is the time.>>> As TaB is beginning to disappear completely from stores, we are going to start to see more people joining our ranks–let’s get organized so they know how to help right away.

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Published by savetabsoda

The SaveTaBSoda Committee was formed in 2021 to help convince Coca-Cola to bring back TaB Soda! TaB was discontinued in 2020, and we weren't finished with it yet. Join us in our efforts to save TaB from the history books.

5 thoughts on “We Are Getting Organized – Sign Up to Join Us

  1. There is a Youtuber named Emmymadeinjapan who reviews rare foods and drink, and She has over 1 million subscribers. If anyone has any cans of Tab left, maybe try sending one for her to make a video on reviewing Tab, and have her ask her fans to join our cause.


      1. I’m glad you guys liked my idea, I’ve also been thinking about other ideas to save Tab. Could Coke make a new version that used sucralose instead of saccharin so people who are turned off by the aftertaste of saccharin could enjoy it? I’m not saying get rid of the formula in use now, but have a new version alongside it? I drink Tab because it has very low aspartame in it compared to Diet Coke. I have had to switch to Diet Rite because we can’t get Tab in the midwest. Please tell me what you think of these other suggestions and what other ideas you may have in mind!

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      2. Thanks for the additional suggestions! As we begin to get ourselves organized and identify all of the various ideas that we want to get to work on–we’ll definitely share them here and on the various social media sites. If you want to participate in any of the planning discussions we’d be glad to have you–if so, contact us https://savetabsoda.com/contact/ Thanks!


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