It’s Time to Tweet and Post!

(on @CocaColaCo‘s Twitter and Facebook wall)

<<<SUMMARY:  We want to encourage everyone to tweet @ CocaColaCo twitter and post on the Coca-Cola public Facebook wall as much as possible!  Read on for more information.>>>

Hi TaB Friends,

Up until now, we’ve been reaching out to Coca-Cola through letters, e-mails, telephone calls, Facebook messages, and the like. While it’s been a noble effort, two things are becoming clear 1) these communications are somewhat private—between individuals and the company, and 2) because of that–we aren’t seeing any movement in the company’s position (they’re apologizing and offering commemorative TaB glasses—but that’s it).

It’s time for a different approach.  It’s time to move our conversations to a public forum.  Some of us have already been doing this—but not enough of us.  Together our voices have so much more impact—especially when we are speaking in front of millions of Coca-Cola customers. 

Let’s turn ALL of our persuasive conversations into public dialogue by having them on the @CocaColaCo twitter feed and public Facebook wall!   Every single day, numerous times per day—tweet @CocaColaCo and post on Coca-Cola’s Facebook wall to remind them how upset you are with the discontinuation of TaB, and why it’s a bad decision for consumers and for the company.   And ask your friends to post, tweet, and retweet you too!

Some guidelines for your tweets/posts (to maximize impact)

  • Write engaging content
    • Include photos or videos – make your post/tweet engaging so others retweet you or share your post (and ensure your post is public/shareable).
      • This is how memes get started—if you have a clever one, share it!
      • Use a meme generator if you want to get creative!
    • Include a call-to-action for Coca-Cola (saving/bringing back TaB)
    • In your tweet, feel free to @mention relevant entities–always use @CocaColaCo and feel free to mention others—the company CEO, a news organization, the company’s competitors (Pepsi?) or a famous celebrity who might be able to help! 
    • Use consistent hashtags—our group should use #SaveTab If we all use the same hashtag, we are more likely to “trend.”
    • Add a bit of humor if you can—funny tweets and posts attract the most attention.
    • IMPORTANT:  avoid threatening or abusive language, some companies forbid it, and they won’t engage you, and may even remove your post.

And don’t forget to retweet each other and like one another’s posts.  The more we engage, the better!  If you see another tweet or post that resonates with you, retweet or share it!   If you don’t have a twitter account—this is the perfect reason to set one up!  Here’s an article that explains some of the basics.

When writing your posts and tweets, remember: the Coca-Cola Company’s boilerplate response has been “This wasn’t an easy decision and we’re thankful for our loyal TaB drinkers. As a global company, we’re challenging ourselves to think differently about our portfolio of brands with growth and scale in mind. Unfortunately, we had to make the hard decision to discontinue TaB.”   

Do your best to write your content in such a way that makes this an UNACCEPTABLE response!

Sample message themes:

  • TaB lacked marketing for years, how can you give up on a classic without giving it proper marketing and distribution?
  • TaB has tremendous upside potential—do you realize younger generations started drinking it without advertising and lack of availability?
  • Online distribution is the future–have you considered alternative distribution methods? (online, subscription, syrups for sale, etc.)
  • How can you keep making such big decisions without concern for your customers?  Customers should be the center of your product decisions.
  • Customers and Shareholders alike demand more.  The Coca-Cola core value of focusing on their market “Get out into the market and listen, observe and learn,” has been overlooked in this decision.
  • Coca-Cola should not discontinue a product as iconic and old as TaB in a year when we have lost so much already.
  • Coca-Cola has never introduced a younger generation to TaB.  Ask anyone under 30 and most have never heard the TaB jingle.

Finally: We are just getting started. Familiarize yourself with Twitter and Facebook Posts so that when additional social media campaigns are announced, you are ready to participate! We have some fun ideas coming up 🙂

Published by savetabsoda

The SaveTaBSoda Committee was formed in 2021 to help convince Coca-Cola to bring back TaB Soda! TaB was discontinued in 2020, and we weren't finished with it yet. Join us in our efforts to save TaB from the history books.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Tweet and Post!

  1. I’m horrible at social media, but started a twitter account the day they made the announcement they were planning to kill Tab. I have been tweeting, using the hashtag #SaveTab & sometimes #saveTab. Please be sure to stress the importance of common hashtags. Because I am new to Twitter and have no followers; it often seems I’m talking to myself. Good luck & thank you for organizing. #SaveTab


    1. Awesome, Sue! I will add a little more content about the importance of using a single hashtag! Case sensitivity (capital letters vs lowercase) does not matter, so both of yours will work just fine. Also, using an @CocaColaCo within your tweets will ensure the company sees them. You might see some replies from them.


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