How to Set Up Twitter and Tweet for the First Time!

Setting up a Twitter account is quite easy. Follow along these steps to set up a Twitter account and start Tweeting!

Click Sign up.
Enter your name, phone (or email) and date of birth, and click next.
Review the text and click next.
if you used your phone number, they will send you a text with a code. Enter it here.
Create your password and click next.
Pick a profile picture, or you can click “skip for now.”
Write a quick bio, or you can click Skip for now.
Optionally, select some of your interests, or you can click Skip for now.
Optionally you can select people to follow. You’ll see their tweets in your feed. Click next when finished.

That’s it! You’re signed up. Now you’re ready to tweet! There are two important things to be aware of in a tweet. @Mentions, and #Hashtags.

@mentions are how you draw attention to a twitter user. Use the @symbol and the twitter user’s account (like @cocacolaco) to mention them in your tweet.

#hashtags are used to group similar tweets together. Simply using the # symbol in front of a word or words will create a hashtag, or category for your tweet. Our group should use #SaveTab (case-sensitivity is not important, but makes it easier to read).

Now that you have some of the basics–let’s write our first tweet.

please dismiss my spelling error, I fixed it

After you’ve tweeted, search Twitter for #SaveTab and retweet those messages that resonate with you! The more engagement the better!!

If you see another tweet you like, use the retweet icon and tweet it with your own message added to it!
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