Quick Reminder: Please Sign and Share Petition

As we shared previously, we have recently launched a new Change.org Petition to SaveTaBSoda! This blog post is a “THANK YOU” for those of you who have signed and shared, and it’s a REMINDER for those who haven’t! If you’ve already signed it, THANK YOU! If you’ve already shared it, THANK YOU! If you haven’tContinue reading “Quick Reminder: Please Sign and Share Petition”

Want to Join Our #SaveTaB Committee Zoom Meetings?

We’ve added a lot of new subscribers to the site in the past couple of weeks—which is awesome!  But that got us to thinking…are they subscribing because they just want occasional e-mail updates from us when we post something new?  Or… are they subscribing because they want to take a more active role in savingContinue reading “Want to Join Our #SaveTaB Committee Zoom Meetings?”