TaB Soda Market Research Results

As you know, we’re here to Save TaB! One of the ideas we’ve been working on is to capture some information from TaB drinkers to help demonstrate to the Coca-Cola Company how viable the product is and how just a little bit of investment in advertising and marketing it would make a world of difference in sales.

About a month ago, we created a “market research survey” for TaB drinkers on social media. We’ll start sharing some of the things we learned through that survey here on our blog. And we’re also sharing these facts with the Coca-Cola Company.

The first item is the Net Promoter Score. It’s based around a single question we asked on the survey: “How likely is it that you would recommend TaB Soda to a friend or colleague?”

On a scale of 0-10, those who score the question as a 9 or 10 count as “promoters.” Those who score 0-6 are detractors–and count against the score. Those who score as 7 or 8 are passive.

If you want to learn more about Net Promoter Score (NPS) you can read more about it here.

The rating system goes from -100 to +100. The general consensus is that a score above 30 is good, and product or company having a Net Promoter Score of 72 or above is in the top quartile–in other words–is among the best of the best products or companies in the consumer goods industry–it’s a fantastic score.

Guess what TaB received? +97!

How’s that for a good score? We hope Coca-Cola will take note. We’ll share some additional statistics from our survey here in the coming days and weeks.

Published by savetabsoda

The SaveTaBSoda Committee was formed in 2021 to help convince Coca-Cola to bring back TaB Soda! TaB was discontinued in 2020, and we weren't finished with it yet. Join us in our efforts to save TaB from the history books.

2 thoughts on “TaB Soda Market Research Results

  1. Hi, My name is Pamela Vermaas. The results you just share is terrific. I been reading the minutes for the last couple of weeks. I am a little late to party I found save TAB soda on the internet and got to share my story just under the wire.

    I would love to bring back TAB soda and are willing to buy a magnet for my car.


    Pamela Vermaas

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Hi Pamela, thanks for your comment! We don’t have magnets available yet–that’s one idea that a member of our group has been working on. Stay tuned for more updates from us on that and other topics. We’re focused on Saving the Best Soda ever, and glad to have you on our side 🙂


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