Preview of our March #SaveTaB Event

We wanted to start sharing details about our upcoming event. We hope you’ll participate. The more of our voices there are, the more likely Coca-Cola will listen to us.

A New Tactic

Thus far, we’ve been contacting Coca-Cola directly with our plea to #SaveTaB. For March, we’re going to try something a little different. There are several very large institutional investors who are Coca-Cola’s largest stock holders (they are the owners of Coca-Cola). We’re going to try to appeal to these largest stock holders’ business sensibility–and make the case that TaB is an underappreciated brand that has not been given the marketing and advertising attention that it deserves. We hope these stock holders can exert influence on the Company they own (Coca-Cola)–and we will encourage them to do so.

Growth Brand

The Coca-Cola narrative has been that TaB is a brand with no growth potential that had sluggish sales. Our impression is that TaB has nothing but growth potential. It hasn’t been advertised or adequately stocked in stores for decades, so there is only room for improvement. And the marketing opportunities around this brand and its loyal fans are truly endless 🙂

We know that TaB stands out from the competition for a variety of reasons:

  • Only Saccharine-based diet soda
  • Other diet sodas just don’t compare flavor-wise
  • TaB’s unique branding stands out from the rest of the crowded field
  • TaB has a place in pop culture history–that other brands do not–(nostalgia)

“Our TaB Stories” Book

In order to gain the attention of these key stock holders, we want to compile a volume (book) of TaB lovers’ stories that showcase their brand loyalty and connection to the product. We will be creating a book with our interesting, witty, and engaging stories about why we love TaB alongside fun photographs that show how we live our lives with TaB. Think about why you are so loyal to TaB! Why is it your favorite?

We think there’s a case to be made that we’ve all been drinking it for decades with no advertising–and if there were some minimal investment in marketing the product, sales will grow exponentially. And it will create another generation of TaB drinkers and decades of sales to follow.

An investment now could result to a stock holder benefit for years to come. That’s our sales pitch.

We’ll also be sending a copy of this volume (book) to key marketing executives at Coca-Cola to appeal to their customer-focused mindset. We think our loyalty is a great asset, and hope this helps them see things from our perspective!

Participants Needed

For our efforts to be successful, we’ll need lots of people to participate and share their stories and photographs for us to create our book. In the coming days, we’ll publish a post that will explain how we will collect your stories and photographs. When that’s available, please join us by sharing your story, fun photographs, and spread the word to get maximum participation. For now, this is just a preview of the upcoming event, and gives you some time to think about what you might want to share.

Watch for more info in the coming days!

Published by savetabsoda

The SaveTaBSoda Committee was formed in 2021 to help convince Coca-Cola to bring back TaB Soda! TaB was discontinued in 2020, and we weren't finished with it yet. Join us in our efforts to save TaB from the history books.

2 thoughts on “Preview of our March #SaveTaB Event

  1. I thought I submitted my story yesterday but couldn’t tell so here it is. Growing up in the 1970’s and 80s i loved TaB. I spent summers on my grandparents Ranch and my mema drank nothing but TaB or tea. We got it in Glass bottles and we would pack it in a cooler and go to the tank to fish. Memaw would set it on the tailgate and we would drink it all day. Then my Aunt who was just 9 years older then me would grab The TaB, suntan oil and the boom box and we would go to the local country club, lay out drinking our Tab thinking we were something special. Both of these amazing women have passed away now (way too soon, due to rare diseases) but I have memories. Funny part is TaB has always been hard to find here but I would find some and every time I drank one It would allow memories of my childhood to flood back. Im so sad TaB is being taken away its like losing a loved one all over again. Please don’t take our drink and our memories.
    P.s. I always thought it was cool that TaB was mentioned in one of my favorite movies Adventures in Babysitting too always made me smile.

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