Contact Coca-Cola Bottlers TODAY!

As we previously shared, our October event will be to contact three Coca-Cola Bottlers (+ your local Coca-Cola Bottler).


Today! Drop your letters in the mail today!

What to Say

The key message points should be that we want them to help us bring TaB back into production, and we’re asking them to work with the Coca-Cola Company to produce TaB once again. You might consider suggesting if they became the only bottler, there would be a lot of demand for their services across the U.S.

But be sure to make the message your own–tell them how much TaB means to you, and why it should be brought back.

How to Contact Them?

Swire Coca Cola
Attn:  Mr. Rob Gehring (President and CEO)
12634 South 265 West
Draper, Utah 84020
Great Lakes Coca Cola
Attn:  Mr. Jeff Laschen (CEO)
7400 N Oak Park Ave
Niles, Illinois 60714  
Coca-Cola Beverages Florida
Attn:  Mr. Troy Taylor (CEO)
10117 Princess Palm Ave
Ste 100
Tampa, FL 33610
Bottler addresses

What Else?

For us to be successful, we need to ensure that our efforts are noticed. And the best way for them to be noticed is by:

1) volume of requests (who can you recruit to help join us?)

2) standing out (handwritten letters, including photographs, creative cards, pink envelopes, etc. will go a long way to make our requests stand out).

3) sending your letter at the same time as everyone else (today!)

In addition, the Committee will be sending a copy of the TaB stories book with formal letter to the CEO’s of these companies today as well.

TaB Stories Books headed to the Bottlers

Modified Cover Photo based upon “bottles” by David Kracht is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Published by savetabsoda

The SaveTaBSoda Committee was formed in 2021 to help convince Coca-Cola to bring back TaB Soda! TaB was discontinued in 2020, and we weren't finished with it yet. Join us in our efforts to save TaB from the history books.

5 thoughts on “Contact Coca-Cola Bottlers TODAY!

    1. Hi eileenkam1954, thanks for following along and for your support! We collected stories and photos awhile back from TaB drinkers so we could bundle them together into a volume we could share with Coca-Cola Executives. We never really produced the book with the intent to sell it, and really aren’t set up to do that today. If we find a way to do that in the future, and you have interest–please let us know at savetabsoda at gmail dot com.

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  1. Billboards and multiple communication channels are great ideas. I appreciate your efforts and I will definitely contribute! I will tell you I’ve been out of Tab for some time. I was in Las Vegas earlier this month and had some Tab at the Coke store. It was so good. Really still miss it.

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