We Need to Keep Up the Pressure

We continue to work together in our TaB community to convince Coca-Cola to bring TaB back into production.

So far, we’ve focused our energy on the parent company, and we’ve tried to get external entities (like stores and restaurants) to help us.

Today, we have a different approach.

Local Bottlers

There are around 45 bottling companies that create Coca-Cola Products and distribute them to stores around the U.S.

We have selected three large bottlers in a variety of areas around the United States. The way we see it, we could all reach out to our local bottler; and the result would be that each bottler might get a few letters and e-mails…OR, we could multiply our efforts by having all of us contact all three of these bottlers. Having our voices combined will maximize our impact.

Our Reasoning

The hope is that if these bottlers realize there is demand for TaB, they will work with the parent company to bring it back. These bottling companies are very customer-focused and have a much closer connection to consumers as they are the ones who create and distribute the product(s) we all love. We hope they take our request to heart and work with Coca-Cola.

The Bottlers We’ll be Contacting:

  • Coca-Cola Florida
  • Great Lakes Coca-Cola
  • Swire Coca-Cola

Note: if your local bottler isn’t on the list–don’t be alarmed. We have to start somewhere, and our goal is to target bottlers that 1) recently produced TaB , 2) are in a few different regions in the United States where there is demand for TaB, and 3) they previously participated in selling product on Amazon. If we can get even one of these to start producing and selling TaB on amazon, it’s a step in the right direction.

Depending on how things go, we may target others later.

Call Your Local Bottler Too!

In addition to having all of us contact these three bottlers–it’d be great if every one of you contacted your own local bottler too. That way, all of the bottlers are hearing from us.

Next Steps

Please stay tuned for additional mailing address details for these companies. We will be scheduling this effort on Friday 10/8. This will provide us ample time to promote the event and recruit others to join us. The more of us, the better. Do you have a kid or grandkid who is complaining of boredom? Maybe they can help us write letters on 10/8??

In addition to your letters, the Committee will be sending a copy of the TaB stories book with a formal cover letter to the CEO’s of these companies on the same day.

Image: “Shiny rocks! (fancy sapphire) – free image” by Butterfly Psyche is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Published by savetabsoda

The SaveTaBSoda Committee was formed in 2021 to help convince Coca-Cola to bring back TaB Soda! TaB was discontinued in 2020, and we weren't finished with it yet. Join us in our efforts to save TaB from the history books.

4 thoughts on “We Need to Keep Up the Pressure

  1. Thank you. Until last year (mid 2020) TaB was easily found in the NYC metro area (Westchester County, Long Island, Fairfield County (CT). I have contacted the bottlers (no response) and local grocery stores (one even called to apologize) I will keep at it

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