Share Your TaB Story

(Sample of planned TaB Stories volume to be delivered to Coca-Cola Executives and key shareholders–sample only–design subject to change)

As we communicated in a preview blog post–this month, we are asking you to share your “TaB Story.” We’re collecting individual TaB fans’ anecdotes, memories, and other thoughts about their connection to TaB. We want to know what TaB means to you, whether it’s your first memory with TaB, a favorite moment, or just a fun experience where TaB was with you–we want to hear about it.

We’re collecting these so that we can compile them in a single volume that we will share with Coca-Cola leadership and important shareholders. This will be accompanied by a letter from our #SaveTaB committee members with our most sincere plea to #SaveTaB from discontinuation.

Please help us create an impressive volume full of engaging stories. Share your story by clicking the button below, and include a photograph if you wish (preferred). Reach out if you have any questions.

This is our March activity–we are targeting delivering the volume(s) by end of month, so get your stories in soon 🙂

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