How to Help Save TaB

Our Committee has been working hard to create a plan for us to make some noise and get the attention of the Coca-Cola Company. Now we’re ready for your help!

Here are three simple actions we’d like all TaBbies and their allies to take during the rest of 2020 (and if necessary–longer) until Coca-Cola changes its mind. 1)Sign Up, 2)Tweet/Post, and 3)Share.

  1. Sign up for Twitter/Facebook and start tweeting/posting. If you don’t know how to do this, we wrote a twitter step-by-step instruction guide here. It’s super easy, so please give it a go.
  2. Tweet/Post Every Day – Every day, multiple times per day, we need you to engage with content on Twitter/Facebook that is related to saving TaB on @CocaColaCo’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. The more engagement the better. If you feel like you’re repeating yourself, you’re just getting started–keep going 🙂
    • Write your own tweets/posts.
    • Seek out other tweets and posts that resonate with you and retweet/share them. (search @CocaColaCo and #SaveTab to find them).
    • Like other people’s tweets and posts.
    • When tweeting/posting, ensure you are mentioning @CocaColaCo and using #SaveTab.
      • We’re trying to gain attention and hope to find just the right mix of content to “go viral.” So please, get creative–share videos, photos, and the like. Use a meme generator if you want.
      • We have established a social media calendar with a Twitter/Facebook topic for every single day of the week.
      • Download the calendar here. We’re also encouraging “Write a Letter Wednesdays,” “Phone Call Fridays,” and “Social Media Bomb Saturday/Sundays” (extra tweets/posts).
  3. Share–this may be the most important item. Tell anyone and everyone! If you see someone on social media (or in real life) who loves TaB as much as you do–tell them what we are doing. Send them right here to for these instructions!

In summary: Sign up for Twitter, start tweeting, and tell everyone else to as well.

If you have any questions or additional ideas on how to amplify our voices, please contact us.

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