History of TaB and Discontinuation


TaB Soda was created in 1963 by the Coca-Cola Company as its very first low-calorie cola beverage.   Its crisp citrus taste has attracted generations of customers to the brand.

TaB was having its moment in the sun during the 1970s and 80s when it became fashionable to drink diet beverages, and consumers had a heightened awareness of taking better care of their health.  It was the #1 diet beverage in the United States.

That all ended in 1982 when the Coca-Cola Company introduced Diet Coke.   It carried the company’s namesake brand, and was wholly different than TaB. 

And Coca-Cola hoped the new product would bring the company into the future to better compete with brands like Diet Pepsi.  They dedicated resources to ensure that would happen.

For decades, Coca-Cola sold both TaB and Diet Coke side by side—but the lion’s share of their advertising dollars was focused away from TaB and toward Diet Coke.   This caused TaB sales to dwindle nationwide, to the point where it was only available in certain locations in the United States.   That did not stop consumers from drinking TaB, however.

Over the past 57 years, legions of loyal TaB drinkers have been seeking out this product in droves to ensure they always have some on hand.  In spite of Coca-Cola’s efforts that made TaB harder and harder to find—TaB drinkers found a way.  Online websites to locate TaB popped up, and so did online channels to purchase it when it was no longer available locally.  Then one day, that too changed.


On October 16, 2020—the Coca-Cola company announced they would be discontinuing production of TaB soda by the end of the year.   Thousands of TaB drinkers have been devastated by this news and want the Coca-Cola Company reconsider the decision.

What is the company’s reasoning, you may ask?

You can read the press release for yourself, but in general, it is because Coca-Cola is transforming its organization into focusing on a few brands rather than many—and will put more resources into expanding those brands at a scale that is impactful to a company as large as Coca-Cola.  In other words, TaB doesn’t sell enough for them to be interested in producing it.   Rather than try to change the sales figures—they’re giving up on it (and other brands) and focusing instead on their core brands and new product innovations.

You can read more about TaB’s history on the Coca-Cola website.

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